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The most common type of "tiki hut", that we build, is the single pole umbrella with a circular table.   This can be built on a pole installed in the ground

 or on a base constructed of wood, which makes a unit with benches that is self supporting and moveable.    



                                                         Backyard Tiki Bars   Our tiki bar is an adaptation of the umbrella.  The same size thatched roof with a bar instead of a table

This 10 ft. diameter (pentagon shape)  thatched roof  with a bar on four sides 18 inches wide currently sells for $1995.00.



 TIKI HUT  thatched-roof construction of any size is possible for $35.00 per square foot.

We have just completed the installation of palm fronds on a cypress frame for a Barefoot Bar for Whiskey Joe's in Tampa on the Courtney Campbell Causeway.

Below is shown a recent project in progress and finished at Catches Waterfront Grille, Port Richey, Florida

             (see Catches web site)













                                      Below are some interior photos of other projects completed: (click to enlarge; after viewing, click back browser arrow to return to page.)


Above Inside view---One of our larger huts. (Click to enlarge)

      More pictures:............   


These are pictures of a recently completed project in Tampa Florida:





Recently completed project in Ohio: Building a tropical paradise on an island in Lake Erie.


 The Framework:              Some construction details:   

   Arrival of the palm fronds from Florida: :                                                                (click to enlarge)



  A pool-side Tiki Hut  

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We charge $10.00 per square foot to change the palm fronds.          

Bar Stools Available: (click to enlarge)                             





 (Click to enlarge)

With this "Mobil"  Tiki Bar the party can be anywhere. 

            Some Tiki Hut Construction Details:



Harvesting the cypress logs for Tiki Huts


                             Stripping the bark from the cypress logs for Tiki Huts.

Cutting cypress logs to size  


Nailing Tiki Hut frame together 

Harvest the palm fronds for Tiki Huts




Installing Tiki Hut palm fronds and the finished thatched roof




Customer Tiki Hut relocation and refurbishing:

This is a nice little picture story of how we refurbished a customer's "tiki bar".  Barry Holiday bought this some years ago, then sold his house and built a new one.  He wanted to keep the "tiki bar", so we took it home and kept it for him until he was ready.  When his new house was ready to set up the pool area, before the pool screen went up, we repaired the floor, put new palm fronds on the "tiki bar" roof and transported it to his new house.  Happy customers all around.

     New Palm Fronds


Tiki Hut Transporting















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 This is our late friend, world water ski champion Alfredo Mendoza, skiing barefoot in his prime in the 1950s at Florida's Cypress Gardens.



See other work at Boulders By The Sea, St. Pete

Boulders By The SEA - Home








Repairing the Floor


                              The Happy Customer

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About Thatched Roof Construction

     A thatched roof that is constructed correctly does not leak even one drop of water.  The inside of the palm thatch will stay perfectly dry.  We guarantee it 100%.

     A thatched roof will give you wonderful insulation from the heat of the hot summer sun.  The very thick layers of palm fronds and the high, steeply-pitched roof create cool space for your relaxation in your own tropical paradise.

     The thatched roof is created by first building a sturdy frame of freshly cut cypress poles from which the bark has been stripped by hand.  The roof frame must be built at a steep angle.  With a steep pitch, the rainwater runs right off the overlapping palm fronds, and the fronds will last for many years.  The horizontal roof beams are spaced at 18", and to these the palm fronds are nailed 3" apart.  Each sabal palm frond (nature`s original perfect shingle) consists of a broad, fan-shaped leaf, 4 feet long, growing on a strong stem of palm fiber.  A 2" nail is driven through this tough stem to fasten each frond to the cypress roof beams, and the fronds overlap to form a many-layered thick and solid thatched roof. 

     Have you ever dreamed of sailing off to a tropical paradise, landing on a beautiful beach and foraging inland for the raw materials to build your shelter?

     If you have found the place of your dreams, whether it be on the beach along Florida's coastline, next to a swimming pool or lake, or in your favorite back yard or patio, we can help you with the hard job of foraging for the raw materials.  We have the tools and the experience to bring your dream to reality. 

     Enjoy Florida the way it was meant to be with a natural, rustic, enjoyable and useful thatched roof shelter to protect you from the sun and rain. 

    The thatched roof structures shown here are built in the traditional style used for centuries in Florida and the Caribbean area for much needed protection from the hot sun and tropical rain storms. 

     We still select our materials in the traditional manner by choosing only the straightest and freshest cypress poles and the biggest palm fronds from Florida's rain forests to bring you an authentic Florida and Caribbean style thatched roof structure to enhance your environment. 

     If you or your guests spend time outdoors, you need shade.  We will provide you with the best and most enjoyable shade.

Satisfaction is guaranteed.    Free Delivery.    
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